Oldenzaal, February 18, 2021

Reusable trays for every grower

M-Plastics sees increasing attention for realistic sustainability

In 2020 we wrote about the reusable trays that M-Plastics developed in close collaboration with nursery Vromans. M-Plastics continues to focus on sustainability and renewed the Cyclos-HTP certificate in the autumn, which means that the trays and packs for annual plants are also Cyclos certified. What does director Paul Schildmeijer see in the tree nursery market when it comes to sustainability? 'There is increasing attention for sustainability, but also realism.'

What do you mean by realism in sustainability?
'A few years ago, reusable plastics were seen as the holy grail: all plastics had to be reusable. Huge steps have been taken in this regard, but not everything is possible yet. That will also take another ten years. For example, some trees are in polybags. It would be great if this material dissolved, composted. But how? Because in the first years this must be solid and offer protection. In the beginning we thought: this is going very quickly, but it is not. It is better as a nursery to take an intermediate step towards sustainability. Pick your battles. '

Read more? (in dutch): Boom in Business, 16-02-2021.


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